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Subject: ebXML Question re: Comments by Organizations

I would like some guidance about how to deal with specification comments
received from an organization.   It is clear that ebXML membership and
voting is by individual, the group being composed of individual
"experts".    However, comments on specifications are not quite so
clear.  Most of the comments on the ebXML Requirements Specification
came from individuals.   We did receive one submission from CEN/ISSS as
an organization commenting.   I think it appropriate to review the
comments, but I find the submission somewhat troublesome.   Are we under
any obligation to give the comments more weight than others because they
came from a group?   Should we treat them as just another individual
commenting?  Or, should we not consider their comments since we are
functioning as individuals?   (NOTE:  I don't see this as a problem with
comments submitted by other ebXML project teams, particularly when they
relate directly to their respective requirements in the specification).

I feel certain that we will run into this again as the other
specifications are released for comment.  So,  I think it important that
we decide on a policy soon and clearly articulate it.  I would like to
see some first impressions on the listserv, but ask Klaus and Bob to put
this on the agenda for our next steering committee call.


Michael C. Rawlins, Rawlins EDI Consulting

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