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ebxml-requirements message

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Subject: Listserv problems; Unsubcsribe Instructions


The ebXML listservs hosted by OASIS have had trouble in the past, and we
were told that the problems had been fixed.  Obviously from the messages
that have been posted multiple times this morning, they are not.  I am
asking that OASIS again fix the lists.  While I appreciate your
frustration, it probably pales compared to mine.  Just this morning I
had over 350 messages in my inbox, all but two or three of which were
non-delivery notifications because folks subscribed to the list with bad
addresses, their mailboxes were full, or other miscellaneous problems.

For those of you who want to be removed from the list, please do *not*
send a message out to the listserv.  All 300+ folks subscribed will
receive it, and they probably don't care.   And please, don't send it
out more than once or respond to such messages.  This only wastes
everyone elses time.

To unsubscribe from this list, send an e-mail message to:


Subject:  Not read by majordomo

With in the body:

unsubscribe ebXML-requirements

This will work if you send it from the address you submitted when you
subscribed to the list.  Most of you who have had problems removing
yourselves from the list seem to have multiple e-mail accounts, and this
is usually the source of the problem.  If you are e-mailing from a
different address, you must include the subscribed e-mail address, as:

unsubscribe ebXML-requirements my-email-address

If you have multiple addresses and need to remove all of them, you can
do the following:

unsubscribe ebXML-requirements my-email-address-1
unsubscribe ebXML-requirements my-email-address-2

I am set up as the list owner but like everyone else I am a volunteer
and have only a limited amount of time I can spend on list
maintenance.   Subscribing yourself to the list came with certain
responsibilities, including unsubscribing yourself when you no longer
wish to participate.  If you follow the instructions above and are still
not successful, please *forward* me (rawlins@metronet.com) the
unsubscribe request that you sent to majordomo.  I will act only on such
forwarded requests, and not on any others.  I will deal with them as I
have the time available, which will probably not be very promptly.

NOTE:  I only maintain ebXML-requirements.   I do not own or maintain
any other ebXML lists, and will not act on requests concerning them.  If
you have complaints concerning the fashion in which OASIS is hosting
these lists, I have no control over that and you should send them to the
ebXML chair and vice chair:


Please do not send them to this listserv or to me.


Mike Rawlins, ebXML Work Group, Requirements Project Team Leader

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