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Subject: ebXML Requirements Status - Next Call


For those of you who didn't attend the Brussels meeting, the
specification was approved on Friday.  We went through another round of
comments and editing, so the version that was approved is a bit
different than the one that the team submitted on Monday.   I'll be glad
to give you all who didn't attend an update on the week's activities on
our next call.  The final version should be posted in the main ebXML web
site within the next few days.

The Steering Committee approved our work plan for moving forward at the
call this past Wednesday.  We will be discussing it and soliciting
volunteers in our next call.  I'll forward the latest copy along with
the agenda for the call early next week.

Our next call will be next Thursday, June 1, at 9:30 AM - 11:00 AM
Pacific Daylight Time (Los Angeles).


Mike Rawlins, ebXML Work Group, Requirements Project Team Leader

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