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Subject: ebXML Requirements Traceability Matrix


One of the Requirements Team's deliverables before the San Jose meeting
is a matrix that will be used to help reviewers determine if
requirements are met in the specifications produced by the other project
teams.   Each entry in the matrix would consist of a brief (a few words)
text description of the requirement, the page/paragraph reference(s) in
the Requirements Specification, and an open field for the page/paragraph
reference(s) in the specification being reviewed.  We would need to
develop the rows and first two columns in the matrix, while the
reviewers would fill in the third at time of review.

I would like to develop this matrix by dividing the final Requirements
Specification up into sections, and assigning each section to a specific
person.  To do this, we need a few volunteers.   You'll need the final,
approved version of the specification from the ebXML web site, and
probably no more than two or three hours of your time between now and
July 31 to invest in the effort.   The actual time required will depend
on the number of volunteers.  It will be helpful to already be very
familiar with the Requirements Specification, but this is not
essential.  I'll provide a sample matrix from part of the document so
that you'll have an example.   If you are interested in working on this
effort, please send me an e-mail by Tuesday, July 18.  If there are any
sections you particularly prefer to work on, please let me know.

Also as a reminder, the comment period for several new draft ebXML
specifications ends this next Monday, July 17.  Please review and
comment on the documents if you are able.


Mike Rawlins, ebXML Work Group, Requirements Project Team Leader

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