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Subject: Brief Minutes from the 07/06/2000 Conference Call

ebXML Steering Committee Conference Call, 08:00-08:50 PDT

Attendees: Anders, Ann, Bob G., Dick, Klaus, Lisa, Marcia,
           Mike, Paul, Rachel, Ray

1.   Resolving the ebXML Web Site maintenance Issue.

     Grave concern was expressed by the StC about the lack of
     support by OASIS in regard to the maintenance of the public
     pages on the ebXML web site.  Since neither Bob S. nor Bill
     were on this call the StC asked the UN/CEFACT executives to
     raise and address this issue ASAP (hopefully this week).
     In order to overcome the missing links under the "Drafts: 
     Open for Comment" page for the Architecture, BP and Core
     Component Draft Specification, Klaus will post the links on 
     the ebXML (General) list. In order to do so, the three PTL 
     are asked to forward to Klaus the exact URL.
     The StC agreed not to change the time table because of the
     problems with the links being made public outside their
     list members.

2.   Proposal to split the ebXML (General) list in to two list:
     ebXML: (Read only) for announcements from the Exec and StC
     to ALL ebXML members.  Membership is mandatory to all ebXML

     ebXML-Discussion: Open forum to those who want to have
     general discussions about ebXML not covered in any of the
     project teams.  There would be a notice via a footer to any
     message that identifies the content of not officially
     representing the collective view of ebXML, the StC or Exec.
     Klaus to talk with Karl about the details and how to allow
     posting by the StC membership. Klaus to issue notification
     and details of the split to the ebXML list (after having
     figured out with Karl the details).

3.   Review of the ebXML list server status.

     No major problems reported. It seems that Karl has resolved
     the routing of the BOUNCE messages so that they don't get
     send to the PTLs.  Thanks Karl!

4.   Update on possible issues identified during the current
     review of our ebXML Draft Specifications.

     No major issues reported.

5.   Status on developing a roadmap and master project plan

     Ann is still awaiting the input material from most teams. 
     Therefore, those teams which have not send their work plan/
     roadmap to Ann (annabelle.bullen@us.pwcglobal.com), please 
     do so ASAP.

6.   Functional description for Team leads and Team editors (Rik

     Since Rik could not make the call, item deferred to next
     StC call.

7.   SOAP UPDATE (Rik Drummond)

     Since Rik could not make the call, item deferred to next
     StC call.

8.   Other Business

     Project Team Work via private distribution lists
     Concern was expressed that there seem to be work being
     progressed via private distribution lists instead of the
     public available lists.  This has created the perception
     that ebXML is not as open as it claims to be.
     StC agreed that any Project team that has currently private
     distribution lists create a public sub task list via the
     OASIS maintained list server.
     August ebXML Meeting Details
     Concern was expressed about the slow progression and release
     of meeting details for the August ebXML meeting.  StC asked
     that the Exec committee address this issue right away.
     Proposed dates for 2001 meetings:
     Vancouver, 5-9 February
     Vienna, 7-11 May
     BTW, just received a note from the Vienna Organizer that 
     there is a possibility for AUA (AUstrian Airlines) to offer
     a 10% discounts for the flights.

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