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Subject: Fwd: status for Monday

This is just an FYI. Until we get over the hump could you please forward 
bugs with the web site (I have already done so) directly to:

Shahrzad Shariati <shahrzad.shariati@eng.sun.com>

Please keep in mind that Shahrzad needs to prioritize the bugs and plan 
fixing them in an orderly manner working with her management.


>Hello Nick,
>I have made the changes that I had mentioned to the "join us" page. Each 
>group now has their own page whereas before they were
>directed to the wrong address. I have also made some format/style changes 
>for consistency and clarity to avoid confusion on the
>user's part.

>Furthermore, I just found out that their is another problem with the 
>subscription. Not only do people have a difficult time
>unsubscribing but apparently their are problems during the subscribing 
>process too. I have contacted the previous webmaster for
>further information as to where this code may be and for more details.
>Lastly, if their are any other issues during the meeting that concern 
>ebxml.org, please let me know, the direct feedback would be a
>good way to immediately solve some of the problems or suggestions that are 
>being addressed.
>Thank you,

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