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Subject: Minutes of the 21 June StC Conference Call

ebXML Biweekly Steering Committee Teleconference, 21 June 2000

Present: Anders, Anne, Duane, Klaus, Mike, Nick, Paul & Scott

Members present expressed concern about the low attendance of the call, in particular those project 
teams that have co-leads of which neither 
were present.

1.   Update on ebXML Web Site maintenance Issue.

No update possible since OASIS was not present on the call.  Klaus passed on that Sun and IBM were in 
the process to address the issue.

2.   Update on next ebXML meeting in the Bay Area

No update possible since OASIS was not present on the call.  Klaus passed on that Sun has hired a 
program manager to organize the meeting.  
They are in their final stage of selecting a meeting hotel somewhere in the South Bay area.

3.   Report on ebXML list server issues/status.

Except for project team leads being assigned ownership and therefore receive all error messages, lists 
seem to be up and running. Majordomo 
does provide for a way to route error message to a special list maintained by the list administrator 
instead of sending them to the list 
owners who have no means of determine the nature of the error and/or required corrective action.  StC 
asked again that this issue be addressed 
and resolved by the list administrator.

4.   Update on possible issues identified during the current review of our ebXML Draft Specifications.

The following issues were raised by architecture team:

- Unique key for repository objects:

It was agreed that the use of unique identifiers to point to objects within a repository is mandatory.  
It is up to the Register and 
Repository Project Team to recommend how that will be implemented within the context of an ebXML 
compliant Registry and Repository.

- Should UML be the sole modelling technique within ebXML?

* Issue to be addressed by BP & Architecture team to identify for now in general terms a 
preferred/selected modeling technique.  Issue to be 
addressed by the Executive committee for guidance.

Issue raised by the Requirement project team:

- Focus of Specifications

In reviewing the R&R and Architecture specs, it seems some of the focus was toward developing ebXML 
standards or documents.  However, the 
current focus of the initiative is to build at this point an infrastructure.  It will be other groups 
that develop specific
business oriented standards and documents.  ebXML needs to make sure that an infrastructure focus is 
reflected in the specifications.

* It was agreed that the primary focus of the specifications should be on infrastructure.  However, 
there will be specific ebXML artifacts, 
such as core components and BP meta-model items, that will be produced, be part of the architecture, and 
stored in the repository.

5.   Status on developing a roadmap and master project plan

* Reminder to all those team which have not yet send their project schedule to Anne

6.   Functional description for Team leads and Team editors (Rik Drummond)

Passed to next meeting.  Mike to work with Rik on adding some text in regard to the review process.

7.   SOAP UPDATE (Rik Drummond)

Passed to next meeting.

8.   Other Business


Next Conference Calls - July 5, July 19, August 2

       Dial-In Number = 1-800-338-9779  
International Callers = 1-719-457-0711  

Password = 144244


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