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Subject: BizTalk and ebXML as seen by Dave Turner (MS)

In a article by Tim Wilson in Internet Week (17 July) http://www.internetwk.com/story/INW20000717S0001 
Dave Turner was quoted:

"We don't see BizTalk and ebXML as being in conflict," said Dave Turner, Microsoft's XML evangelist. "We 
are defining a means for exchanging data [via XML], but not the format of the data itself. We are not 
trying to define things like business processes, which ebXML is trying to tackle." BizTalk and ebXML are 
different approaches to XML messaging, but Microsoft plans to address those differences when the ebXML 
standards are completed sometime in the middle of next year, Turner said. "We have customers that want to 
build interoperable XML applications today, and that needs to be built on something that exists today," he 

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