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Subject: Re: Conference Call Update

On Tue, 25 Jul 2000 17:07:45 -0400, mblantz@LTVSteel.com wrote:

>Klaus - concerning why we put some Core Components documents on the ebXML
>list serve before all of Core Components approved them:
>     At the Thursday Core Components meeting in Brussels, the project team
>     voted to bypass the project team review step due to the tight time frame.
>     Perhaps whoever talked with you forgot that (as I did) or maybe they
>     missed the full project team meeting that day.  In any case, please feel
>     free to pass this message to them, or ask them to call me or Lisa if they
>     want to talk about it.

Thanks Mary Kay for that update.  It does explain the reason for the "fast track".  I certainly will pass 
it on.


Klaus-Dieter Naujok                        NextERA Interactive
Antioch, CA USA                                +1.925.759.1670

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