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Subject: RE: Core Components

Rachel, Absolutely not a problem.

I trust that like me you wear several hats.  Sometimes I'm  the LTV Steel rep,
I'm X12 Materials Management, sometimes I'm the US TAG to ISO TC 154, sometimes
the steel industry, sometimes I'm the automotive industry, and sometimes I'm
just me.   And
now I have to add X12X/TG4 Core Components and ebXML Core Components.  Years
ago some of us talked about carrying hats with us, with the appropriate labels,
so that the
folks we met with would know who was speaking.  However, I really hate wearing
hats, so we
abandoned the idea!


Rachel Foerster <rachelf@ix.netcom.com> on 07/25/2000 06:00:06 PM

Please respond to rachelf@ix.netcom.com

To:   ebXML-StC@lists.ebxml.org
cc:    (bcc: Mary K Blantz/CLGO/LTV)
Subject:  RE: Core Components

Mary Kay,

Good news. I'm asking about this for many reasons: for my own understanding
and for the understanding of others who ultimately will be the users and/or
beneficiaries of ebXML. As yes, so that the ebXML Marketing team can provide
easy-to-understand information to the broader community.

So, my query was not just for the marketing team's benefit. I trust this is
not a problem for you.


|-----Original Message-----
|From: mblantz@LTVSteel.com [mailto:mblantz@LTVSteel.com]
|Sent: Tuesday, July 25, 2000 4:23 PM
|To: rachelf@ix.netcom.com
|Cc: ebXML-StC@lists.ebxml.org
|Subject: RE: Core Components
|Rachel, and all,
|We learned today on the BP/CC Alignment Team Conference Call that this
|confusion goes both ways.
|Several of us have asked for the same precise definition of a
|Common Business
|Object, and haven't gotten what we think are clear answers.
|However, we think
|that we've been very clear about Smart Core Components!  I
|suspect that the
|people who talk about CBOs think they've been clear.
|In any case, you'll be pleased to know that our alignment team
|has taken on this
|two-sided challenge and will have something for our review and
|edification in
|San Jose.
|I trust you are asking about this for your Project Team's
|activities, which
|is important.  Since we on Core Components are doing some
|innovative and
|exciting work, it will be great to see it get some press.
|Mary Kay
|Rachel Foerster <rachelf@ix.netcom.com> on 07/25/2000 03:17:37 PM
|Please respond to rachelf@ix.netcom.com
|To:   "'ebXML-StC'" <ebXML-StC@lists.ebxml.org>
|cc:    (bcc: Mary K Blantz/CLGO/LTV)
|Subject:  RE: oops - attachment
|A small grammatical correction: you use the contraction it's
|(which actually
|= it is) when you should be using the possessive form if it
|(its) - see the
|last slide.
|Also, is anyone else concerned about the lack of clarity for core
|components. I think we must have a clear, concise, unambiguous
|definition of
|an ebXML core component going in to the San Jose meeting and
|the ebXML Boot
||-----Original Message-----
||From: Duane Nickull [mailto:duane@xmlglobal.com]
||Sent: Tuesday, July 25, 2000 12:44 PM
||To: ebXML-StC
||Subject: oops - attachment
||here it is for download

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