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Subject: Re: Another Black Eye for the ebXML Leadership -- MondaymorningTechnical orientation session


What the heck did you do to the font on this?  I can hardly read it!

Please re-send in normal format.

Klaus-Dieter Naujok wrote:

>  --Original Message Text---
> From: Lisa M. Shreve
> Date: Fri, 28 Jul 2000 14:26:08 -0400
> Fellow steering committee members,
>    * The executive committee overriding a decision of a project team,
>      that was agreed to by the steering committee which includes the
>      executive committee. This sets a very bad precedence. After the
>      events that occurred in Brussels, the distrust the general
>      membership has of the leadership of ebXML is only heightened by
>      this kind of action.
> Lisa,
> I believe that you are presenting the wrong facts here. What was
> agreed to by the StC in Bruseels was to accept the proposal by Bob G.
> to hold a bootcamp on Monday morning. Bob volenteered to put forward
> more of his idea, which he did by getting some help from the
> co-ordination team. However, I clearly remember that any work was to
> be done together with our awareness team. In other words, the
> execuitve committee did not overide any StC desision, the orinentation
> is still on, we change the starting order of the agenda, as suggested
> during our last call, but Bob's agenda topics are still on the table.
> What the Exec put forward is a plan to ensure that EVERY project team
> get's a fair chance to be involved in presenting their work.
> In reagrd to tyhe black eys, it will only be seen so if we as StC
> start not working together. So let's do this without creating
> conflict. I know we all want the same. Let's work as a team.
> Regards,
> Klaus
> --
> Klaus-Dieter Naujok                        NextERA Interactive
> Antioch, CA USA                                +1.925.759.1670
> PGP Finger: 6A4B 1683 CD99 E7BE F855  CC2F 4569 6BD8 76BD 1117

Michael C. Rawlins, Rawlins EDI Consulting

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