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Subject: Re: Logistics for the upcoming ebXML meeting

On Mon, 31 Jul 2000 11:08:16 -0400, Lisa M. Shreve wrote:

>1)  How many meeting rooms will be available to CC?

How many rooms did you request?

>2)  Thus far, how many CC participants have registered via the web site?

I will check with the approbate person and let you know. Have you
asked the question to your team, via the list? It would help in
determine how many new comers may attend.

Here are the figures as of Friday:

191 attendees
92-98 staying at DoubleTree

>3)  What facilities are planned for within the meeting rooms?
>        a) av facilities
>        b) flip charts, dry erase, etc.
>        c) seating

It is my understanding that a) and b) are standard equipment. 
However I will check.  In regard to c) what is it you really want
to have?

>4)  We want to use our web page as a facility for distributing materials
>during the meeting.  Will there be on site, walkup  access to the web
>site for meeting participants?
>5)  Hard copy and printing facilities.  What can we plan on?

Will check.

>6)  Web Site maintenance.  The contents still reflects state of the
>group from Nov 1999.  We would like to 1) maintain this page ourselves,
>or 2) have it link directly to our working page.  How do we resolve

The current process is for the general page of each team is send
any request for updates to Karl who will send it to our web
master.  It was agreed not to link the general page to the working
page.  The content for the general page was to be "informative" to
allow visitors to get a general idea about the project team in
order to determine if they like to join that team.  I suggest you
send your changes to Karl.

Klaus-Dieter Naujok                                ebXML Chair
Antioch, CA USA                                +1.925.759.1670

PGP Finger: 6A4B 1683 CD99 E7BE F855  CC2F 4569 6BD8 76BD 1117

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