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Subject: team lead logins

Team leads:

We've created directories and logins for each team on the OASIS server. You
should ftp to www.ebxml.org and login using the username and password that I
can give you over the phone (some of you have already spoken with me). When
you login you will be put in the directory for your team. The home page for
your team should already be there. You can download the home page, modify
it, and upload again. You can add additional pages by creating a link to
them from the home page then uploading the home page as well as the new

There's also a .../private directory where you can put files that you don't
want linked to, or you can just put them in the team directory without a
link; just tell your team members the URL for the file without linking to
it. We don't have password protection on any files or directories, but could
do this for individual teams if you see the need.

Karl F. Best
Director, Technical Operations
978.667.5115 x206

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