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Subject: [Fwd: [seattle-xml] ebXML presentation in Vancouver]


If anyone is in Vancouver, I will be doing some more promotion for

Duane Nickull

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It's time for another VanX meeting! Residents of the Pacific Northwest
and the Lower Mainland of British Columbia who follow eCommerce and XML
should be interested in the next meeting of the Vancouver XML Developers
Association in Vancouver, BC, Tuesday, September 12. 

Duane Nickull, the president of XML Global Technologies, will be
speaking about ebXML Technical Archticture. ebXML
(http://www.ebxml.org/) is a joint venture between UN/CFACT and OASIS
established to "develop a technical framework to enable XML to be
utilized in a consistent manner for the exchange of all electronic
business data." Duane is a member of the ebXML Steering Committee and
Chief Editor of the Techical Architecture team.

Duane's presentation will focus on the "fundamental differences between
standards, vocabularies and infrastructures within emerging eBusiness
initiatives built with XML technology. Duane will outline XML business
vocabularies and will look into global XML infrastructures from an
integration point of view. EbXML is the latest infrastructure which has
a mandate of creating a single global electronic marketplace. The
methodologies employed within EbXML will be reusable within other data
exchange verticals."

The meeting is on Tuesday, September 12. Please note  this meeting is at
the SchemaSoft offices in Yaletown, and not at the Roundhouse Community
Centre like our last two meetings. SchemaSoft is located at 1190 Homer
Street, at the northeast corner of Davie and Homer in Vancouver. The
meeting will be held in SchemaSoft's new ground-floor facilities.

The doors open at 6:00 pm, and Duane's presentation gets underway at
6:30 pm. As usual, we'll have a limited amount of sandwiches and other
munchables on hand. If you need detailed information on how to find the
venue, follow the pointers on the website: 


Hope to see you there!
Yuri, Philip, and Howard
(the VanX crew)


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