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Subject: UDDI and XML Global

Dear all:

XML Global has followed suite with Commerce One and joined UDDI


Please be assured this does not lessen our commitment to ebXML in any

On a technical note,  I have gleaned much information from the UDDI
Programmers' API specification and see some very useful methods to
approaching interface discovery.  There are four options for discovery
of partner internface that particularly caught my attention -
find_binding, find_tModel, find_service and find_business.  These are
equivalent to RPC's which are to be interpreted by a UDDI compliant
registry at run time.  

The UDDI specification also references something called UUID which
stands for Universally Unique Identifier.  It is noted that this is
sometimes called a GUID referrring to the ebXML terminology.  For sake
of unification,  we may wish to adopt the term UUID as well and jointly
submit it to the W3C org for a reserved attribute value for XML v 1.+.

Duane Nickull

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