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Subject: Re: (null)

Brian/ Klaus -
> I think Duane may be confused over the word "plenary". I believe that
> what he means is that we (the TA team) should vote (Jan 4) to freeze
> the TA spec for formal submission to the QR team. After the QR team
> approves the spec, it goes out to the wider ebXML community. Then,
> after receiving comments from the entire ebXML community (what Duane
> refers to as "plenary"), we will make the appropriate changes in the
> spec and then move to a 2nd comment and review period (again - for the
> entire ebXML community). The TA team and editors will review the
> document, make the final changes and freeze the document for voting
> and approval at the ebXML PLENARY session in Vancouver.
> Duane - please confirm that this is our intention, as this is my
> current understanding.
> >>>>>>>>>

Yes - this is what i meant.  Sorry for the confusion.

We HAVE to have the final TA spec approved (hopefully during the opening
plenary) in Vancouver.


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