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Subject: Re: Special note for CPP members

"Welsh, David" wrote:
> isn't it the case that TP executes at the low level what's been the guidance
> as defined by the Business Process; ie. driving connectivity from BP to TP ?
There are many issues which haven't been addressed and are now questions
being asked by those implementing systems.

Specifically, the details concerning the process of negotiating a CPA
from two or more CPP's.  Marty has said this is outside of the scope of
the TP team.  I believe it is of such fundamental importance that this
is done consistently, that a special team should be set up to address
issues such as:

Precedence of interest
Use of consistent negotiation algorithms
Inheritence (yes the OO word)

The list goes on and on.  I don't think this issue can be left to the
goodwill of vendors to stumble accross an identical set of rules for the
negotiation phase.



> Thanks
> Dave

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