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Subject: Re: TA spec 1.0.1

On Mon, 05 Feb 2001 18:23:37 +0100, agrangard@nycall.com wrote:

>After reviewing the disposition document of the TA spec 1.0.1, I recommend
>that the specification and the disposition of the comments from the second
>review period are made available to the ebXML community. I am aware of that
>we today received some comments on the disposition document, but if we want
>to allow the ebXML members reasonable time to review what they are going to
>vote on next week, these should be dealt with in parallel. Any unresolved
>issue that remains after this week should be addressed at the steering
>committee meeting the 11 Feb.


I just spoke to Bob S. in order to find out if it was me having
trouble to understand what you are suggesting. It seems I am not
alone. So let me try to outline our concern.

We have a very simple process that outlines what is required to
approve a document at the plenary. To restate:

Final version of the document made available to the ebXML members
2 weeks before the start of the ebXML F2F.

Before a document can be called final, it must have undergone 2
previous public reviews that included two QRT reviews with the
recommendation to go out for review. In addition it requires that
the comments from the last review have been addressed (and
documented of their disposition). To ensure that the project team
members are supportive of the specification ready for approval
(and previous reviews) a internal vote needs to have been taken
that has at least 67% of the PT members support the action.

The final approval of the specification will be at our F2F. During
the Monday opening plenary the document will be introduced. This
will allow any member who feels that their comments where not
disposed of appropriately to speak up. Should such a situation
arise the parties are asked to get together during the meeting in
order to resolve the topic. If the project team feels that it can
not resolve last minute issues it can asked the StC for advice.

Should changes result to the document during the week in response
to an issue raised during the opening plenary, than the revised
specification must be made available by Thursday night (including
a change log) to all ebXML members. The vote will be conducted
during the Friday closing plenary.

Now to the TA specification at hand, and the problems I see with
the message above.

1) The deadline for the dissemination of the final version has
expired last week (Monday).

2) Judging by the comments from Anders it seems that the current
version may not be final.

3) Judging by the fact that the group is still not in agreement
with the disposition document, the PT seems not to have taken its
final vote.

Anders, I can not see how we are going to vote on the TA document
during Vancouver. As I said at the start, we have a simple process
and an agreed time table. I have bend backwards to modify the time
table over and over for not only the TA team but other project
teams. The one requirement we can not change is the fact that we
must have a truly final document (and disposition log) as approved
by the project team 2 weeks before our meeting. I don't like it
myself that we will not be able to approve it, but we must allow
due process.

One other comment to a note I have seen on the TA list in regard
of sending the document to QRT. That is NOT a requirement during
the final phase. All QRT comments should have been addressed
during the first two cycles.



Klaus-Dieter Naujok                          ebXML & TMWG Chair
Netfish Technologies, Santa Clara, CA, Chief Technology Officer

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