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Subject: BPEditor Write-up for Lunch and Learn

StC Members,

I did not receive confirmation on our request for lunch and learn sessions
for next week.  I assume the three sessions are scheduled as requested.  As
promised earlier, following is Brian Hayes' writeup for his session on the
Business Process Editor.


---------------------- Forwarded by Paul R. Levine/Telcordia on 02/05/2001
09:37 PM ---------------------------

"Hayes, Brian" <Brian.Hayes@Commerceone.com> on 02/05/2001 09:33:44 AM

To:   "Paul R. Levine (E-mail)" <plevine@telcordia.com>, "Marcia L. McLure
      Ph. D. (E-mail)" <marcia.mclure@mmiec.com>
cc:   "Nita Sharma (E-mail)" <nsharma@netfish.com>, "David Welsh (E-mail)"
      <David.Welsh@nordstrom.com>, "Jim Clark (E-mail)" <jdc-icot@lcc.net>,
      "Bob Haugen (E-mail)" <linkage@interaccess.com> (bcc: Paul R.
Subject:  BPEditor Write-up for Lunch and Learn

I applogize for the delay.  Here's the Business Process Editor description
for the lunch-and-learn.  (Nita, Dave, Jim, and Bob, feel free to

The Business Process Editor presentation will illustrate how an ebXML
business process discovery and specification activity can be made easy with
a "Business Process Editor Toolset." The presentation will focus on the
business management aspects of ebXML.  Tools such as the Business Process
Editor provide a practical approach to participating in an ebXML based
trading community by providing a lay-person friendly approach to
analysis/modeling and by integrating into the overall ebXML Architecture.

See you soon!
Brian Hayes
Document Engineering. Commerce One. +1 (925) 520-4498

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