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Subject: FW: [Fwd: Invite the ebXML org to provide one day seminar in Hong Kong]



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richard drummond <rvd2@worldnet.att.net> on 09/06/2000 10:39:22 AM

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Subject:  FW: [Fwd: Invite the ebXML org to provide one day seminar in Hong

would anyone like to do this following the tokyo meeting. if so please get
back to Kit K. KO directly... best regards, rik

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Subject: [Fwd: Invite the ebXML org to provide one day seminar in Hong

Dear Mr. Drummond and Mr. Raman,

   Many thanks for you two to come to present the current results from
ebXML to Hong Kong
Public.  The one day seminar has two objectives and one goal:
  Interfaces with the Hong Kong electronic business people in all
sectors and  the ebXML
1/. Awareness to the Hong Kong Public about the results and views from
ebXML organization.
2/. ebXML might get input (requirements) as well as the used and
developing eb products
     from Hong Kong electronics business people in all sections.

Date & Time:  11 Nov 2000 (Saturday)   9:00am - 5:00 pm
Venue:             Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education (Tsing

Accommodation:  "Fok Ying Tung Hall of Residence" ( 3 min. walk from the

  I do hope at least one representative (more the better) from each work
group might come here.  The VTC
http://www.vtc.edu.hk  might assist if there is/are any thing we might

 Please forward this email to your group members.

 Currently this activity is supported by Vocational Training Council,
Computing and Control section of IEE(HK),
IEEE(HK), and one of Hong Kong Government Organizations.

Thanks in advance.
Kit K. KO

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Dear Project Teams' Leaders,

   I attended the workshop in San Jose.  The eb Architectures, XML as
business process, the
concepts of Core Components as well as Transport, routing and packaging,
modeling the
ebXML process w/ tools and etc. are great.

  As a lecturer in the Hong Kong Vocational Training Centre would like
to bring up the ebXML
awareness and education in Hong Kong.  As such would like to invite the
ebXML organization
to come to Hong Kong to provide a one day or half day seminar on 11 of
November (Saturday,
right after the seminar in Tokyo) to the Hong Kong Public, especially
those banking, IT, trading
people.  We might host the seminar at our Technical College (10 min from
the HK airport) and
those speaker stay at our guest house at our campus.

  Your coming might promote the ebXML results in Hong Kong.

  This seminar will be support by IEE Hong Kong, British Computer
Society (HK), and the Hong
Kong Institute of Engineering.

  I am looking forwards to seeing you here in Hong Kong, and for your

Kit K. KO
IVE (Tsing Yi)
Vocational Training Council

Tel: 852-97710172

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