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Subject: Minutes for Sep. 20 conference call

Time : 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM (PST)
Attendees :
	Martin W. Sachs
	Krishna Sankar
	Dale Moberg
	Sharma Vengula
	Brian Eisenberg


	The meeting started with a discussion on the TP Requirements document.
Scott had a few comments. We discussed the points briefly.

	Here are the salient points:

	1.	The general consensus was that each trading partner will have one

	2.	Processes like discovery, negotiation and others belong in the BP specs.

	3.	One of the important things is the independence of each ebXML component
from the ebXML messaging. The components (e.g.. TP, BP et al) should not
*require* ebXML transport/messaging.

	4.	Scott will post the new requirements document with revision marks turned
on (to display his revisions)

	5.	The next meeting is on Oct 4th.

	6.	As the tech editor is from Singapore, the con call time need to be

	7.	Marty gave an insight into the agenda for the f2f meeting.

		a)	UML TPA Model, merging of UML and TPA model 	-	Scott
		b)	Security Proposal	-	Mary Ann
		c)	Line by line review of TPA specs
		d)	Tokyo and Vancouver deliverables
		e)	half-day on BP Framework. Do we need an app services layer ? If so, why
so and how would it look like ?
		f)	Scope creep	-	Dale
		g)	There will be a presentation on new research initiatives at IBM "
Discovery and auto negotiation"

			I like this subject a lot and I will dial-in.

	The meeting adjourned at 14:00 PST and plan to regroup on October 4th.

	Folks, pl add any points I missed.


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