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Subject: Re: latest Version; Chap16 Revision 2

> I'm not sure why the CC list is to extensive on this topic,
> but I have chosen to leave it in case there's a good reason.
> I think this Party/Partner question has become a bit confused.
> From my perspective, a Party is any individual or legal entity
> that is engaged in a business process -- including the basic
> business process of being listed in a directory. A Partner is
> a specific type of Party, and I think that I could modify the
> definition offered by David Webber as follows:
> Party Any participant in market(s)
> Partner Parties engaged in formal agreement
> Trading Partners Partners conducting transactions in market(s)

I think that in international standard meant to be used by many whose first
language is not English, two similar sounding words ("partner"/"party")
should not be used for two similar concepts (both partners and parties are
participants in markets).

Can anyone propose an alternative word for "partner", assuming the above
defintions are correct, and the above comments are correct?

Sam Hunting
XML Evangelist

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