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Subject: RE: Collaboration Services (was: Business Service Interface)

<Krishna Sankar>
	Now we are in the workflow realm ! Isn't workflow an interactive machine
with interaction policies ? If so, we should be looking at the workflow
space for ideas. A better way would be to see if we can leverage a workflow
standard for solving the ordering and related challenges.
</Krishna Sankar>

I think the ebXML metamodel already contains everything required
for choreography, including preconditions and postconditions. 
It also contains the required economic classes for business logic.
I was just discussing the probable two service levels that will emerge
in ebXML software, not the need for anything new in the specs.

Seems like every time workflow ideas come in, they re-introduce 
linked-list style ordering.  (Just happened again last week.)
There is a style of workflow that has interaction policies, 
but most of it is just procedural:  one process step
connected to the next, with some branching rules.  

I really like Dooley graphs, which I suppose are 
a conversational style of workflow, and some of the
stuff based on Terry Winograd's work.  But again,
I think everything required is already there.

Bob Haugen

P.S. I really have nothing against message numbers
or linked lists if they are the appropriate solution for 
some problem.

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