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Subject: TPA Formation Track in POC

In the POC, we have been working to finalize the tracks that will be
demonstrated and met for a F2F this past week.  There will be three Tracks
in the POC:

	Track 1:  TPA Formation
	Track 2:  Retail Industry Use Case
	Track 3:  Automotive Industry Use Case

I've re-written the TPA Formation track to be consistent with terminology
found in the other working groups.  I ask you to please review the attached
document and make comments.  Please keep in mind that the POC does not write
specifications but, rather, implements them.  We tried our best to assemble
a baseline that represented the workings of BP/TP that ties into the other
two tracks.  We hope to see the scenario expanded in Vancouver.

Please post comments to ebxml-poc@lists.ebxml.org.



Mark A. Hale                                            650-940-4155 tel
Standards Architect                                     650-230-4065 fax
Ajuba Solutions                             mark.hale@ajubasolutions.com
2593 Coast Avenue                          http://www.ajubasolutions.com
Mountain View, CA  94043

ebXMLTokyo POC - New TPA Writeup v3.doc

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