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Subject: Re: Question and comment about CPP/CPA


I am posting my reply to the ebxml-tp list so that others may respond or at
least read your questions.  Your questions are especially important to
guide the team's deliberations. Please post any further questions to the
list.  I hope that you will contribute your own proposals.

My replies are inserted into the copy of your email below.

Martin Sachs


Martin W. Sachs
IBM T. J. Watson Research Center
P. O. B. 704
Yorktown Hts, NY 10598
914-784-7287;  IBM tie line 863-7287
Notes address:  Martin W Sachs/Watson/IBM
Internet address:  mwsachs @ us.ibm.com

"Yukinori Saito" <y-saito@ecom.or.jp> on 12/15/2000 05:36:22 AM

To:   Martin W Sachs/Watson/IBM@IBMUS
cc:   EDIgr)H.Sugamata <sugamata@ecom.or.jp>, "EDIgr)K.Mizoguchi"
      <mizoguchi@ecom.or.jp>, "EDIgr)K.Wakaizumi" <waka@ecom.or.jp>
Subject:  Question and comment about CPP/CPA

Dear Mr. Martin Sachs

We have a committee named “XML/EDI standardization committee“ organized by
ECOM in Japan.  And We are researching and discussing about ebXML
We have some question and comment about CPP/CPA specification described
Please give me some reply or information  about following questions.

1. Is it capable to use character sets for Japanese language in CPP/CPA?
There is no necessity to use Tag name itself by Japanese language, but
is necessity to use Japanese language as the content of values which places
between start Tag and end Tag.
For example, in case of specifying address in the address Tag, we want use
Japanese language(Chinese characters and Japanese kana).

MWS:  From a character viewpoint, XML specifies the use of Unicode, so any
national character set can be used.  As to tag values, as long as the
understands Japanese (or any other national language) and the two parties
a CPA understand the language being used, any language that can be
expressed in
Unicode can be used.

2. What is a keyword to identify target company’s CPP in Repository?
If company B (buyer) wants to business with other company A (seller), maybe
company B discover company A by some method other than ebXML archtechture.
As the next step, the company (buyer B) have to look for the other company
(seller A) in the ebXML Repository as discovery process.
At this time, what is the keyword to identify Company A?
I think the keyword is designated by the information of “Member ID” in the
Tag of <Participant>.  Is it right?
And what is the content of the keyword “Member ID”?
DUNS number or something?
Is it decided already, or it is not decided yet?
If it is decided already, please let me know it.

MWS:  In IBM's tpaML, the tag is <Member>.  This may change in the CPP and
but there will be a tag to identify the party.  The content of the keyword
may be
a value given by any standardize naming system such as DUNS.  In tpaML, the
attribute gives the identification number and the IdCodeType attribute
the naming system such as DUNS.  Again, these keywords may change but there
be definitions in the CPP/CPA specification.

MWS:  Regarding the discovery process, company names will also be part of
the metadata
in the repository, so a company name can be identified without looking
inside the CPP.

3. What is the security method at the time of transform of CPA between two
companies in the negotiation process of CPA?
Does it use ebXML TRP(Transport Routing and Packaging) protocol?

MWS:  Work on security just began at the Tokyo meeting, so there are no
answers to
these questions yet.  Please join the ebxml-ta-security listserver if you
interested in participating in the discussion.

4. About Tags of CPP/CPA, I can not imagine how to use or meaning of
following Tags.
Please give me some information or example.
(1) <InvocationLimit>
MWS:  The maximum number of conversations that may be performed before the
must be renegotiated.

(2) <ConcurrentConversations>
MWS:  The maximum number of conversations that may be permitted to occur at
same time under this CPA.  This is really a system throughput matter.

(3) <ConversationLife>
MWS:  The maximum time to complete a conversation.  This is a timeout to
hung conversations.  ebXML may eliminate this tag since the business
provide essentially the same information.

Yukinori Saito

Yukinori Saito
Electronic Commerce Promotion Council of Japan(ECOM)
TEL:+81-3-5500-3642   FAX:+81-3-5500-3660

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