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Subject: lots of questions RE: new DTD and sample cpa and cpp instance doc s

Presumably payload composition descriptions will
need to be fleshed out in package descriptions,
using the packaging mechanisms of MIME and XML
(XML link mechanisms mainly). Or do they
have something else in mind?

Meanwhile, I would be interested in working out
the non-repudiation-of-receipt, construed as
an ebXML signal. I have not seen detailed
signal specifications yet. Do you (Chris) know who
and how that is being documented?

Dick has sent me a copy of the PGP profile for
simple signed payload; did you receive that?
A couple of typos need correction for the
smime profiles. 

Who is working on a placeholder proposal for POC,
by the way? I will try to do that unless someone
else has it done; it will reference the profiles
as appendices to some document (CPP/CPA?) and also
include Chris's new DTDs for those.

Lots of questions, sorry. Dale

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Christopher Ferris [mailto:chris.ferris@east.sun.com]
> Sent: Tuesday, December 19, 2000 5:12 PM
> To: ebxml-tp@lists.ebxml.org
> Subject: new DTD and sample cpa and cpp instance docs
> All,
> I have attached the latest draft (which will have to do for now
> so we can get the spec drafted) of the DTD for CPP/CPA along with
> sample XML cpp and cpa docs.
> I used a single DTD so that the reuse of elements across the
> two can remain consistent. In checking with the experts, this
> is not an uncommon practice (to have a DTD with two or more
> possible root elements defined).
> The two root elements are:
> 	CollaborationProtocolProfile
> 	CollaborationProtocolAgreement
> They share about 90% of the same structure and content. This
> approach will also assure that the two don't ever get out of
> synch.
> Note that at present I have left out a place to plug in Dale's
> packaging profile. This is because of a discussion I had with
> Karsten just a few minutes ago. It DEFINITELY needs a place to
> go, but where (in the CPP/CPA) is yet to be determined.
> Apparently, the BP team added something only recently which deals
> with payload composition. I think that there may be some synergy 
> to be had between the BPM and Dale's packaging which I think should 
> be explored before we add the packaging bits into the DTD.
> Since I haven't seen the BPM changes, can we get a discussion
> started around this?
> Thanks!
> Chris

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