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Subject: RE: new CPP/CPA DTD element/attribute descriptions

>- Transport/Endpoint - The Endpoint element provides a container>
>to hold the URI by which the Transport is engaged. For HTTP it would
>be an HTTP URL. e.g. http://example.com/servlet/ebxmlhandler
>for SMTP, it would be a mailto URL. e.g. mailto:chris.feris@sun.com.
>FTP, IIOP and other protocols usually have a URI scheme, so this
>works well. I have also provided (off line I think) examples of
>how an MQSeries URI might be structured. I'll leave that to IBM
>to formalize should they so desire.
>Endpoint has two attributes; type and uri. The type attribute 
>distinguishes the Endpoint as being login, error or request (maybe
>normal or traffic might be more suitable?)

I still have a problem identifying an endpoint that is capable
of returning its response on the same connection (so that no response
endpoint is required). How about adding an attribute to endpoint
that indicates that when connecting to this URL the response
will be returned on the same connection? People mostly term
this mode of responding "synchronous" response and despite
some possibilities for confusion, an attribute such as "synchronous"
with a default value of false, but allowing a boolean value of true
would be nice here. Dale Moberg

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