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Subject: TP con-call minutes Jan-3-2001


Marty Sachs
Henry Lowe
Chris Ferris
Karsten Riemer
Richard Bigelow
Dale Moberg


* BP Metamodel Specification Schema update
- close to being submitted to QR
- whole section of document that is UML-based is
- Cory is working on last minute updates to the corresponding DTD
- spending next two days to document the DTD with mapping
back to UML
- paragraph on naming scope?
- paragraph discussing production rules
	- XMI is okay for production rules
- keeping model as MOF model rather than UML
- some discussion regarding production rules to generate
XML instance of a model instance.
- alignment with TP spec (CPP/CPA) will be handled in the
review phases.
- BP spec will be submitted to QR this Friday
- Karsten to post BP spec to TP list.

* Multipart message issue
- adding something more to the payload (a non-XML datatype)
- the other involves multiple "transactions" batched together
- probably not a TP issue at this point

* lead to discussion on Packaging
- some bits of packaging aren't specified such as
transfer-encoding which is dictated by the transport
- supporting documentation should say enough to allow 
implementation to make the right decisions
- some discussion about the set of schemas that are
referenced by a given body part

* discussion of Chris' latest DTD draft, v0.23
- try desperately to avoid making any further changes
until the spec is produced
- Chris to keep list of open issues/comments

* discussion of Dale's issue for mapping CPPs to a CPA
- party has transport endpoint of mailto:... (SMPT)
- other party has endpoint that they can receive a response
to a PO (po ack) by means of FTP
- question... can these CPP's interoperate or not
- problem, don't know sending capabilities because we
only define the receiving endpoints.
- need to know the connection capabilities of the
- we recognize that there's a gap (v0.23) "can I send using a
protocol that my prospective partner can receive?"
- CPP (profile) should probably have send capabilities
listed. Probably don't need to provide much beyond the
protocol's supported (eg. no detail)
- Chris to play around with possible approaches for
remainder of the day to see if we can and should make
any changes now as opposed to leaving the issue for
the next revision

* discussion of synchronous responses
- need to review Prasad's proposal and David's changes
to see how this impacts TP

* discussion of process for getting spec out to QR
- Marty to try to get initial draft to TP alias before
end of next week.
org:Sun Microsystems, Inc;XTC Advanced Development
title:Sr. Staff Engineer
fn:Christopher Ferris

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