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Subject: Re: new DTD and sample cpa and cpp instance docs


Did you get any responses to this email and request for a conversation

Duane Nickull

Christopher Ferris wrote:
> All,
> I have attached the latest draft (which will have to do for now
> so we can get the spec drafted) of the DTD for CPP/CPA along with
> sample XML cpp and cpa docs.
> I used a single DTD so that the reuse of elements across the
> two can remain consistent. In checking with the experts, this
> is not an uncommon practice (to have a DTD with two or more
> possible root elements defined).
> The two root elements are:
>         CollaborationProtocolProfile
>         CollaborationProtocolAgreement
> They share about 90% of the same structure and content. This
> approach will also assure that the two don't ever get out of
> synch.
> Note that at present I have left out a place to plug in Dale's
> packaging profile. This is because of a discussion I had with
> Karsten just a few minutes ago. It DEFINITELY needs a place to
> go, but where (in the CPP/CPA) is yet to be determined.
> Apparently, the BP team added something only recently which deals
> with payload composition. I think that there may be some synergy
> to be had between the BPM and Dale's packaging which I think should
> be explored before we add the packaging bits into the DTD.
> Since I haven't seen the BPM changes, can we get a discussion
> started around this?
> Thanks!
> Chris

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