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Subject: Re: comment on TA specification


This is much better both because it says "Party instead of Trading Partner"
and especially because you are pointing out that the noun must be singular
since it is a single Party that creates and owns a  CPP.



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Joaquin Miller <miller@joaquin.net> on 01/18/2001 03:01:50 PM

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Subject:  Re: comment on TA specification

or: A party may create more than one

At 07:54 AM 1/18/2001 -0800, duane wrote:
How about

"Each Trading Partner SHALL register at least one CPP with an ebXML
 compliant Registry system.  Trading Partners may create more than
 one CPP document in instances where they deem it necessary to meet
 their business needs"





Joaquin Miller
Chief Architect
Financial Systems Architects


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