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Subject: RE: initial draft of CPP-CPA Specification

<Stefano Pogliani>
     In some way, the BP describes a collaboration between two parties.
Each party has its own legacy software that would implement the actual 
execution of the parts of the collaboration pertaining to the relevant role. 
Does not matter, IMHO, if a party uses an "existing legacy" or creates 
a brand new legacy.
     The BP describes the collaboration, not the legacy, IMHO ! So, I
imagine, the Registry will be filled with collaboration model instances, not
with legacy application model instances !
</Stefano Pogliani>

I had the impression that the full BP metamodel includes the whole
application (legacy plus collaboration-aware). However the only BP document
I have seen lately is the Specification Schema specification, so you may be

The full BP metamodel does not encompass "internal" or "legacy"
applications, only those things that are part of the shared public
logic of a collaboration. 

However, the boundary between internal and collaboration (external) 
is fuzzy and changing - aspects which used to be internal are
becoming externalized, for example virtual inventory.

The full BP metamodel contains some "economic elements"
based on Bill McCarthy's REA ontology that will allow trading
partners to use things like orders and fulfillments
in a generic way.  For example, it is important in a collaboration
model to determine when important business events can be
recognized - e.g. orders accepted and receipts confirmed.
You can't necessarily tell just from single business document.
Those recognized events can also be the hooks for sending
the ebXML  documents to the internal business apps.

For example, if I send you a purchase order request and
you reject it, we may not want it to go into either of our 
internal business apps.  Likewise an Advanced Shipping
Notice that is not confirmed by my receiving people.

Those economic elements are not yet incorporated in the
"Specification Schema", but I am working on it and hope to
get something useful specified by Feb 17.

-Bob Haugen

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