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Subject: Jan 24 Conf call notes


Richard Bigelow
Scott Hinkelman
Chris Ferris
Marty Sachs
Dale Moberg

1. It was agreed that the current draft
was sufficiently far along, 
that it should go to the STC and ask for
QR review at the current version level.
Marty will put on the final editorial touches
this afternoon and send it off.

2. We agreed to each try to assemble the open
issues that had emerged over the last several
months, and to begin to prioritize them, 
partly in preparation for Vancouver and to
provide the next week's agenda.

3. Marty raised several issues: one was whether
relying on lexical ordering of elements in
the instance would be sufficient to indicate
preference among the items-- that is, that all
common parsers of XML instances would retain
access to that lexical ordering and in some
way make it available to an application
needing to make use of preferences. 

4. Another pertained to certs, and the variable
places for certids. It was agreed to regard
the Role's certid as an indicator of the
payload's signing certificate (which may
or may not be distinct from the MS signing
certificate for the ebxml header and also
may or may not be distinct from client side
SSL or server side SSL certificates). To
be added to next draft...

5. We discussed having multiple parties
in the CPP (for the multiple DUNS+4 use
case) and this seems to be worth doing.
We are considering how multiple ids for
one party will be distinguished from
multiple partyids for more than one party,
and Chris will study this. Security
will need to review the cert information
and the questions of ids to check that
a workable approach to the identity
of signature across multiple
levels of signing is arrived at.

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