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Subject: RE: Special note for CPP members

 Thanks Duane
As I have read through the drafts I have wondered how we would build CPA
generation into our Commerce Broker capabilities - wasn't intuitive from the
documents.  We need a scripted process that sets precedents and priorities
correctly so that any system can reach the same results for a generated CPA.

Becky Reed
Senior Architect
Mercator Software.

-----Original Message-----
From: Duane Nickull
To: ebxml-tp@lists.ebxml.org
Sent: 1/29/01 5:40 PM
Subject: Special note for CPP members

Hello all:

As we conclude the TA Specification and the disposition of comments, it
has become apparent that there is a potential shortcoming on
specifications regarding the Trading Partner issues, specifically
concerning CPA generation from CPP's and business processes.  In order
to facilitate CPA negotiation,  people who are building reference
implementations have informed us that they believe it is necessary to
observe a standard protocol for deriving a CPA from CPP's.

Therefore,  we have added two small sections to the technical
architecture specification (NOTE: not officially approved by the TA team
yet) which read as follows:

"CPA negotiation SHALL be strictly defined.   Issues such a precedence,
prioritization and the mechanics of the negotiation process SHALL be
addressed in the ebXML Specifications governing Collaborative Protocol

"A CPA negotiation protocol SHALL be defined by the ebXML TP Project

Comments please? (Today if possible)

Duane Nickull
TA Team

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