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Subject: RE: Does the current CPA/CPP spec support multi-hop?

Stefano Pogliani:
>That's very much what I want to say.
>In the case of the eth-ppp, the hub can be configured from outside. It does
>not behave differently in different situations, at least from an external
>point of view: it moves packets from the LAN to the phone and viceversa.
>This is what I called "mechanical". This is, in my mind, a hub, not a

>But if the behaviour of this actor depends on the trading partner agreement
>and if it cannot be configured in a mechanical way, then it starts to become
>a partner more than a hub

What if the payload is encrypted, or some non-repudiation rules apply?
Now the "hub" must be a party to the collaboration agreement, I think.
(If this configuration is feasible at all...)

-Bob Haugen

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