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Subject: TP teleconference - March 28, 2001


Chris Ferris
Steve Jackson
Dale Moberg
Mahesh Ram
Becky Reed
Marty Sachs
Tony Weida


Another teleconference is scheduled for next week.

Marty mentioned that XML DevCon in NYC April 8 - 11 will include several
ebXML-related talks including his own, and demos by Chris among others.

We discussed the quality review comments on our latest spec, noting that
few substantive issues were raised.  We agreed to continue the use of
"pseudo XML" examples in the text.  Marty looked over the requirements
matrix produced by Mike Rawlins and sees no problem.  We felt that our
use of XSD is not an issue for concern, particularly since it has recently
advanced to proposed recommendation status at W3C.  The team did not
find substance in the concern that our spec doesn't support B2C as the
spec is compatible with B2C applications.

Regarding the security profile from the Security team, Chris opined that
it's only half-baked and that we can't get it into our spec for Vienna.
The consensus was to defer it for post-Vienna work.

On the subject of synchronous messaging, Chris will provide something
to synchronize with what TRP is specifying.  After some discussion, the
tentative conclusion was to add a syncReply attribute to SendingProtocol
and ReceivingProtocol with possible values of "response" (only),
"signals" (only), "batch" (for both), or "none" (the default) -- or
perhaps to infer no synchronous reply from absence of the attribute.

Regarding versioning, Chris felt that the existing attribute satisfies
what Mike Rawlins was looking for (in his Mar 28 email "Re: version
attribute proposal").  The question of identifying and finding the
correct version of the CPP/CPA DTD or schema to be used to validate a
particular document instance is a general issue across ebXML that Chris
will raise to the Steering Committee.

Chris proposed, without objection, to remove the CPAType element.

Liaison with the BP team is deferred since Karsten Riemer is in Africa.

Chris will work with Farrukh Najmi to address Farrukh's questions on how
to specify Reg/Rep interfaces with our specification that now contains
ProfessSpecification elements rather than actions as in TPAML.  Any
proposed changes that may result would be part of the public review

Regarding packaging, Dale noted that during his prototyping work he
found that a lot of packaging information was repeated.  He therefore
proposed to take the Packaging element out from under the ServiceBinding
element and refer to it from there with an IDREF.  After some
discussion, it was agreed to make Packaging a sibling of PartyInfo.
Dale will design a detailed change for the specification and communicate
it to Marty.  It was also noted that Override DOES need to reference a

The meeting closed with a general discussion of possible venues for
future work at OASIS or W3C and potential future convergence with WSDL.

Respectfully submitted,
Tony Weida

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