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Subject: revised 0.94 sample CPA, CPP, XSD and DTD


Attached you will find references to the revised sample
CPP, CPA documents as well as the XSD for the CPP/CPA
schema. I'm still working on the DTD. Hopefully, I'll
have it finished later today... more tool difficulty;-)

Interestingly enough, with one minor exception, everything
validates. The exception is that XMLSpy doesn't agree
with reality that "http://www.w3.org/2000/09/xmldsig#" is
a valid xsd:uriReference, which of course, it is!

Anyway, I have posted these artifacts at:


I have also posted revised schema for xmldsig (removing the ENTITY
declaration for &dsig which was giving XMLSpy some difficulty
(a bug in the XMLSpy software). I have also posted an experimental
schema for XLink as well. 

Since I didn't have the ftp password for the TP site at the time,
these have been posted to the transport website:


The schemaLocation entries in the various documents posted reflect
these alternate schema as opposed to the normative location
(at least for XMLDSig which has a normative schema).



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