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Subject: TP teleconference minutes - April 11, 2001


Chris Ferris
Dale Moberg
Becky Reed
Marty Sachs
Tony Weida


Another call is scheduled for next Wednesday at 1 pm EDT.

It was noted that the public review period for our specification ends
today, according to email from Tim McGrath.

We reviewed comments from Shimamura-san to TRP for relevance to our own
specification, noting that our team need not treat them as public review
comments.  Referring to Marty's listserv posting of 04/1/2001 on "TRP
comments by Shimanura-san that MAY apply to TP", the comments were
resolved as follows:

TRP line 1735: Marty will correct the typo (from "xmlds#" to
"xmldsig#") if it appears in our specification.  No other changes.

TRP lines 1692-16944: suggestion to be adopted.

TRP line 1699: suggestion to be adopted.

TRP line 1737: suggestion to be adopted.

In addition, Tony will provide a sentence regarding the XMLC14N
algorithm as suggested in Marty's note.

Regarding the comment from Shimamura-san on message order semantics,
we will add a messageOrderSemantics attribute to the ReliableMessaging
element (probably right after delivery semantics).  Chris will provide text.

We next discussed the five public review comments received to date.

Re Duane Nickull's comment that 'the CPP and CPA adopt an inline "party"
schema for now or define and use an external one with the qualifier that
it may be superceded in the future (versioning)', we agreed to make no
change now and reconsider the suggestion for post-Vienna.

Re Duane's comment on globally unique identification of CPPs, Chris will
provide Marty with text for his proposed (without objection) response
that a registry provides the desired result.

Re versioning of the specification, Chris will provide some text for the
version in the XSD.

Re Farrukh Najmi's question about updating the Reg/Rep specification
(originally couched in terms of tpaML) to use our current specification,
Chris provided a response to Farrukh but Farrukh hasn't been able to get
back to him yet.  Therefore, Marty will include this item on the Vienna

Re Scott Hinkelman's concern about XSD problems (see his March 28
posting Re: xsd, dtd and sample cpp and cpa), Chris solved the problem
by defining his own DTDs, and will provide wording for an informative
comment to be included in our specification.

During the discussion of review comments, some future topics for
discussion in Vienna were mentioned, including a SecurityProfile
element, tie in with WSDL, other transport protocols, and an enhanced
definition for FTP.

Respectfully submitted, 
Tony Weida

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