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Subject: Re: updated schemas and sample cpp/cpa instance documents posted

Check that... The correct URLs are as follows:

>         http://ebxml.org/project_teams/trade_partner/cpp-cpa-094.xsd
>         http://ebxml.org/project_teams/trade_partner/cpp-cpa-094.dtd
>         http://ebxml.org/project_teams/trade_partner/cpp-example.xml
>         http://ebxml.org/project_teams/trade_partner/cpa-example.xml
>         http://ebxml.org/project_teams/trade_partner/cpa-example-dtd.xml



christopher ferris wrote:
> All,
> I have posted the revised (as per our discussions on this weeks
> call) versions of the XSD, DTD and sample instance CPP and CPAs
> to our teams web page.
> The relevant URLs are as follows:
>         http://ebxml.org/project_teams/tradePartner/cpp-cpa-094.xsd
>         http://ebxml.org/project_teams/tradePartner/cpp-cpa-094.dtd
>         http://ebxml.org/project_teams/tradePartner/cpp-example.xml
>         http://ebxml.org/project_teams/tradePartner/cpa-example.xml
>         http://ebxml.org/project_teams/tradePartner/cpa-example-dtd.xml
> Note that I have had to make two revisions that I don't believe
> we have previously captured. One for certain.
> The XML ID attribute name on the CollaborationProtocolAgreement
> element is named 'cpaid' so as not to confuse it with an XML ID
> type (which is typically named id). This was necessary because
> of the use of a global ID attribute that is of type XML ID which
> conflicts with the type of the now named cpaid attribute which
> is CDATA so that any valid string may be used as a CPAId value.
> The second change is the name of the former schemaLocation
> attribute of the NamespaceSupported element. I have changed this
> attribute's name to 'location' because XMLSpy wanted to use it
> as an xsi:schemaLocation (probably incorrectly) and insisted that
> I specify a value that is consistent with the usage of the
> xsi:schemaLocation attribute even though our schemaLocation
> attribute was properly namespace qualified.
> In any event, the schemas and sample documents all parse (what a concept;-)
> and validate with the exception that XMLAuthority incorrectly (IMO)
> reports that the xmlns attributes are undeclared (if I understand
> correctly, the 'xmlns' "attribute" is in truth a psuedo attribute
> and need not be declared in the DTD.
> I would appreciate it if others would take a stab at validating
> these with the tools you use so that we have confirmation that
> the schemas and sample documents are indeed valid.
> Cheers,
> Chris
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