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Subject: TP teleconference minutes - April 18, 2001


Chris Ferris
Scott Hinkelman
Dale Moberg
Becky Reed
Marty Sachs
Tony Weida


Calls are scheduled for both next week and the following week at 1:00 pm 
EDT on Wednesdays.

Marty made several announcements:

1. He's on target to release the next version of our specification for
public review before the deadline next Monday.

2. There's been no announcement yet about ebXML's post-Vienna direction.

3. Chris has posted a new DTD, XSD, and examples.

Chris reviewed several recent changes that he's made.  For details, see
his note as forwarded to the list by Marty yesterday (04/17/2001) under
the subject "more comments to incorporate".

There was some discussion of the link to the BP specification schema
(BPSS), with the sense that the exact place for linking an Override to
to a BPSS action is still up in the air on the BP side.

Dale reported that the POC team wanted to know exactly what should be in
PartyID references.  Chris has provided examples and observed that DUNS
could easily (and should) register a formal or informal naming scheme,
but our consensus was that it's not ebXML's business to prescribe any
particular scheme.

Marty reiterated that he has all the materials he expects to need for
version 0.95 of the specification.  He hopes to release it by the end of

Chris requested that others validate the DTD and XSD with different
tools.  Several people volunteered to do so.  Scott pointed out that in
addition to parsing and validating, we should ideally go through the
process of building more examples.

Some questions have been raised by Ralph Berwanger about possible
problems with XSS4J from IBM's alphaWorks -- the only XML DSIG
implementation being used for the POC in Vienna.  Apparently Sid Askary
has suggested not including DSIG in the POC if Ralph's concerns are not
addressed in a week or so.  Dale expressed concern that in that case,
ebXML would not have much proof of concept regarding security solutions,
including for example signatures of CPPs and CPAs.  Chris is working
with Ralph and others on this and Dale agreed to participate.

Dale accepted Marty's request that he announce availability of our
version 0.95 DTD and XSD to the POC team.

Marty reviewed his response to Tim McGrath's query as to whether we
would formally respond to QR's feedback.  For details see Marty's
04/17/2001 posting "Re: responses to public review comments, CPA-CPP

Respectfully submitted,
Tony Weida

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