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Subject: TP teleconference minutes - April 25, 2001


Dale Moberg
Marty Sachs
Tony Weida


We will have another teleconference next Wednesday at 1:00 pm EDT (USA).

Unless directed to do so by the Steering Committee, the team does not
anticipate creating lists of issues, requirements, and out-of-scope items as
requested of all ebXML project teams by the QR team (see Tim McGrath's April
24, 2001 posting on "Further agenda item for ebXML StC Discussion").

We discussed QR's concern with the apparently strong linkage between our
spec and BPSS.  Marty will ensure that our spec contains a non-normative
note to the effect that parties to a CPA can, by mutual agreement, repurpose
the linking elements in an appropriate way for alternatives to BPSS.

Respectfully submitted,
Tony Weida

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