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Subject: RE: Interesting performance numbers for Apache SOAP

 Are we expecting that SOAP will support all electronic transactions or that
it is a pervasive way to get business messages exchanged among all
businesses from the smallest to the largest enterprise?

I have always found that efficiency and pervasiveness are competing and
usually conflicting requirements.  I see three scenarios:
1)  If I need high volumes of transactions between two business units I am
not likely to choose an open communications vehicle such as the Internet (at
least until processing speed and storage are also irrelevant as performance
factors)and my use of ebXML will probably be limited to the upper layers and
avoid the message handling and transport layers.  
2) If I am building a messaging service and expect it to serve large volumes
of transactions from large numbers of businesses then I have to scale up the
operating systems and hardware to support the anticipated load that will be
required by implementing ebXML (and SOAP) to support my any-to-any (or at
least many-to-many) business message exchange requirements. 
3) If I am a small business, I don't have the volume of transactions that
the extra processing load of SOAP and ebXML present a performance factor - I
am just happy that there is a Web Server such as Apache that supports the
ebXML approved protocol that I require.

Becky Reed
Senior Architect

-----Original Message-----
From: Dick Brooks
To: ebxml-tp@lists.ebxml.org
Sent: 4/27/01 8:46 AM
Subject: Interesting performance numbers for Apache SOAP

I found the quote below in a paper from Indiana University, ref:

"Serializing Java objects into SOAP-encoded XML data takes approximately
times more memory than the binary representation. Figure 5 compares
serialization and deserialization throughputs for E10K. Sun's native
serialization-deserialization is the fastest. Nexus's performance is
comparable to Sun's. Serialization and deserialization speeds for
(Apache SOAP and nanoSOAP) implementations are approximately 100 times
slower and their throughtputs are also a 100 times lower."

Are others measuring performance of various SOAP processors? If so,
you mind sharing your results.


Dick Brooks

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