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Subject: [FYI] Preview of PDF generation from CPA files

A Proof-of-Concept preview has been put on the website, PDF generation, 
XSLT source will follow next week.

The preview shows a PDF file generated from a CPA xml-file through XSLT 
stylesheets which first creates formatting objects FO and then the FO's 
are run through Apaches' FOP software : see <xml.apache.org>

XSLT Tools page:

PDF preview file:

Mailing lists: 

New top domain is in place. Time to change bookmarks...


PS I have had problems with my DNS service provider and some mails 
may have been returned. However the problem should dissapear as soon as 
DNS servers are restarted today 
/        Anders W. Tell   ,   Financial Toolsmiths AB         / 
/ email: <anderst@toolsmiths.se>  <http://www.toolsmiths.se>  /
/ BML: http://www.openebxml.org/projects/pbml/bml.html /

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