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Subject: RE: Last Call on Requirements Document ?

On second thoughts ... and due to pressure of other activities inside
Commerce One, I find I'm incomplete agreement with Nicolas in delaying
requirements freeze. So how about Friday 7 January which is the end of the
first full week of January. The only concern I have is that this means we
will have just three elapsed weeks before the nextr ebXML conference in

On Nicolas's second point, I agree that we should focus developing or
looking for standards that provide "core" requirements first on the
assumption that everything else can be layered on top. However I think that
we do need to look a bit beyond the "core" to make sure that they can
probably be implemented and that we do not go in a direction which would
make their implementation require a lot of rework.

I've made a first pass of the requirements document (attached) to identify
what is "Non-core" but would appreciate the views of others. I also propose
that, in the next revision, I remove any italics that referenced the
original document that we produced.


-----Original Message-----
From: Nicholas Kassem [mailto:Nick.Kassem@eng.sun.com]
Sent: Thursday, December 16, 1999 5:02 PM
To: David Burdett; ebXML Transport (E-mail)
Subject: Re: Last Call on Requirements Document ?


Given the holidays (mine has already started :) I think it will be tough to
freeze the requirements before the 23rd. As a general comment and in the
interest of moving forward aggressively, I think there is value in
distinguishing between truly transport level requirements (e.g. reliable,
secure transport of XML messages over HTTP and/or SMTP) and higher level
requirements (e.g. non-repudiation, queuing, persistence, sequencing,
pub/sub, roll-back/recovery etc. etc.). IMHO, drawing a distinction between
core requirements and optional ones may turn out to be the pragmatic way to
move forward.  


>So I suggest that we aim to finalize these two documents by December 23rd
>and that after that date we can then start writing our evaluations.
>IS THIS DATE OK WITH EVERYONE? ... please send an email if it's not.
>if there are.

ebXML Transport Requirements 3.pdf

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