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Subject: Comments on the Requirements

Sorry to be so late in participation but I did manage to have vacation
the entire month of December.  But getting back in the thick of things,
here are some comments I have toward the requirement document.  Some
comments may be duplicated of if they need further explanation please
let me know.  These are by far not the only requirements that we may
need from the aspect of the Travel Industry point of view.  I did notice
that the requirements has a “document flavor” in terms of the Internet
world so as not to confuse anyone where possible I’ll try and keep our
Travel Industry specific terms generic and from a “document” point of
view.  My comments are as follow:

1. a) in the case of multiple documents that are directly related, a
method of sequencing must be possible.  (May be a point in 5  2))

2. e) a distinction must be made between system errors and application
errors.  For example being unable to fulfill a request due to
insufficient data to process or a lack product vs. system down,
interrupt condition.

3. 3) envelope needs to allow for routing hops or multiple addresses.
Not to be confused with broadcast addressing.

10. 1)
Scenarios – Provide an element within the transport packaging envelope
that indicates to the receiving front-end device that specific business
scenarios and dialogues are possible within this set of message

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