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Subject: RE: ebXML TP&R Conf Call Minutes 9 Feb 2000


My take on the TPAML is that it is an external representation (in XML) of
data that needs to be associated with service (e.g. a purchase order
processing service) before that service can be used. Let's call this
"service policy data". It includes things like timeout information, the
start and end documents sent and other pieces of information.

This means that both of the parties involved in the service (the
organization requesting the service and the organization that is carrying
out the service) both need to agree the service policy data before the
service can be used and hold it in a "trading partner agreement".

ebXML TP&R group needs to develop standard representations of these "TPAs"
to help realize interoperability.

The best way, to my mind, for the group to develop this type of information
is as follows:
1. Develop the message headers, etc that we need to develop as well as some
of the processes that make use of them such as reliable messaging and
security, then
2. Identify the data that must be held about those services to support these
message headers and processes as well as
3. Using IBM's TPAML as an input to make sure nothing is lost, then
4. Define business processes that involve swapping of documents that enable
the TPAs to be discovered and then agreed
5. Develop external representations in XML of the data that must be
exchanged to support those processes.

On ICE - John I, do you plan to include this in your evaluation?

-----Original Message-----
From: Erik_J_Leckner@Seagate.COM [mailto:Erik_J_Leckner@Seagate.COM]
Sent: Wednesday, February 09, 2000 4:32 PM
To: Dick Brooks (E)
Cc: David Burdett; ebXML Transport (E-mail)
Subject: RE: ebXML TP&R Conf Call Minutes 9 Feb 2000

Hi David and others

1. How does the following work:


relate to the work efforts within the transport team?

2. I would like to add the Information and Content Exchange (ICE) protocol
the list of business protocols which should be analysed

Information & Content Exchange (ICE), is a protocol designed to
reduce the cost of doing business online and increase the
                       value of business relationships by facilitating the
controlled exchange and management of electronic assets between networked
                       and affiliates. Applications based on ICE will enable
companies to easily construct syndicated publishing networks, Web
                       online reseller channels by establishing
Web-site-to-Web-site information networks. The ICE specification provides
businesses with an
                       XML-based common language and architecture that will
facilitate the process of automatically exchanging, updating, supplying and
                       controlling assets in a trusted fashion (building on
OPS/P3P) without manual packaging or knowledge of remote Web site
                       consumer Web sites, end users benefit from more
and easier to use Web destinations that reduce the frustration of having to
                       surf through many inadequate, narrowly-focused Web
in order to find what they need.

3. When does the transport team meet on a regular basis? I could not attend
Orlando meeting since I was attending an ICE Authoring Group meeting the
week. I would like to attend these meetings.

Erik J Leckner
Seagate Technology, Inc.

"Dick Brooks (E)" <dick@8760.com> on 02/09/2000 02:04:51 PM

To:   "David Burdett" <david.burdett@commerceone.com>, "ebXML Transport
      (E-mail)" <ebXML-Transport@lists.oasis-open.org>
cc:    (bcc: Erik J Leckner)

Subject:  RE: ebXML TP&R Conf Call Minutes 9 Feb 2000

Dave, I don't mind the name change, but don't show my mother, she might take
it personally.
Also, please note that I represent Group 8760/IETF EDIINT.

Dick Brooks (aka Nick Brooks)

-----Original Message-----
From: owner-ebxml-transport@lists.oasis-open.org
[mailto:owner-ebxml-transport@lists.oasis-open.org]On Behalf Of David
Sent: Wednesday, February 09, 2000 11:38 AM
To: ebXML Transport (E-mail)
Subject: ebXML TP&R Conf Call Minutes 9 Feb 2000

These are the minutes/notes from todays call. The focus is on actions rather
than the precise narrative of what was discussed.


In no particular order:
*    David Burdett, Commerce One/IETF XML Messaging
*    Nick Kassem, Sun Microsystems
*    Melanie Kudela, UCC
*    Chris Ferris, Sun Microsystems
*    Nick Brooks, Group 8760/EDINT
*    Prasad Yendluri, Vitria/RosettaNet
*    Pratram Mishra, Integrity
*    Dwight Arthur, Depository Trust and Clearing Corp
*    Ian Jones, British Telecom
*    John Ibbotson, IBM
*    Scott Hinkleman,  IBM (Observer)
*    Nicola Stojanic, ebXML Architecture Group liason
*    Philip De Smedt, Viquity
*    Rik Drummond, Drummond Group
*    John Abjanic, Intel

ACTION everybody: correct spellings, missing names, incorrect attributions


The Draft Architecture diagram was discussed and some clarifications made.
ACTION: Nicola Stojanic to develop revised diagram as part of Architecture
Group effort to be incorporated in revised TP&R Overview and Requirements

ACTION Everyone provide comments to the list by the end of this week (11
Target to finalize and publish the document after next weeks conference call
ACTION - David Burdett to send "clean" copy of the current document to the
list  - Completed
ACTION - David Burdett to send copy of diagrams in the current document to
the list - Completed
Actions carried over from workshop:
1) Mapping to object terminology in into - ACTION Henry will re-work the
requirements spec to indicate the separation between transport and
2) Definition of Transaction - various folks to complete definitions as
     a) "ACID" transactions (TBD) - ACTION John I to do
     b) "EDI" transactions (TBD) - ACTION Dick B to do
     c) "Conversational" transactions (TBD) - ACTION John I to complete

Develop Use Cases for Template Choreographies - Overall Responsibility
belongs to Dick Brooks
ACTION: Dick Brooks to bring in support from Jerry Brown of Sabre
ACTION: Review status of activity next conference call

The process that was agreed to follow was:
*    extract the definitions of the header only parts of the specs listed
below. Send the relevent parts to the list. ACTION everybody
*    group data items roughly together and produce summary document
*    review progress next week and aim to complete within two weeks

The standards that will be reviewed are:
*    UCC Net
*    OAG
*    e5
*    XML Messaging
*    BizTalk
*    EDI INT AS1 & AS2
*    EDI Header
*    RosettaNet
*    FIX

Volunteers present on todays conference call agreed to send the information
to the list - you know who you are ...

5. APIs
Some discussion on:
*    whether or not APIs should form part of the strawman. ACTION agreed
to review in April whether anything could be included in the May deliverable
*    whether or not APIs should perhaps be called a Service Interface.
ACTION continue discussion in next conference call

1. Review all action items
2. Prepare Agenda
3. Consider new items. Including
*    Security
*    Reliable Messaging

ACTION: Everybody - anything else to add to the agenda.
Next call Feb 16, 2000, 8AM Pacific Time, call in number to follow.


Advanced Technology, CommerceOne
1600 Riviera Ave, Suite 200, Walnut Creek, CA 94596, USA
Tel: +1 (925) 941 4422 or +1 (650) 623 2888;
mailto:david.burdett@commerceone.com; Web: http://www.commerceone.com

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