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ebxml-transport message

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Subject: message headers, formats and API

Hi David,

I finally got around to posting this to the group.


> -----Original Message-----
> From:	Abjanic, John 
> Sent:	Wednesday, February 09, 2000 10:47 AM
> To:	'David  Burdett'
> Subject:	ebXML conference call follow up
> Hi  David,
> As I said, I agree with you 100% in that we need to 1st define the
> structures and
> headers before we even think about any API.  If the headers and
> choreography
> (protocol) is defined properly then the API should fall out from this
> effort. Like
> you said if we think API now, we are going to go around in circles.
> I also have looked at the BizTalk 1.0 spec and  I like the  way that they
> have
> defined their message header tags. It may or may not be complete, but I
> like their
> format. What do you think?
> Regards,
> John Abjanic
> Intel Corporation
> 13280 Evening Creek Drive
> San Diego, CA 92128
> (858) 391-1900 x1712
Note: These views are my own opinion and not those of Intel Corporation.

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