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Subject: RE: What's the right forum for developing XML Messaging

Title: RE: What's the right forum for developing XML Messaging

As one of the "people who developed IOTP" (and also one who
'developed *using* IOTP') we did what almost all DTD users do.

We wrote a core schema as a DTD, and extended and refined it
to its finished form (that is 'usable form') using English.
I've noticed that a great many RFCs use this strategy as
well. It seems to have worked reasonably well.

As for xmlmessaging - I'm curious if others think that
'xmlmessaging' will be used solely for e-commerce. Myself -
I think that's a rhetorical question! It will be used for
all kinds of things.

This was my original thought when David mentioned the
whole question of either/or - I figured that the IETF
side was appropriate to work on the core xmlmessaging,
while the ebXML would work on using it for e-business.

Of course, in later notes, I find that these two groups
are essentially the same people. This then raises a different
concern; the initial notes on xmlmessaging do not (and should
not!) say that it is only for e-business purposes. However,
it that is the only reason it gets developed at all, then I
would have a minor concern that we might not get the best
possible xmlmessaging spec available due to a focus on

I beginning to think that ebXML should go solve the problems
they need to solve - just don't pretend that you are solving
the generic xmlmessaging problem for everyone. If they *do*
solve it in a robust and reusable manner, great - then it is
available. Since most of the individuals (and their sponsoring
companies) are part of ebXML for e-business reasons, this makes
a lot of sense to me. This group wasn't formed to solve generic
problems, they were formed to solve e-business problems.

If an ebXML result ends up missing essential non-e-business features,
then xmlmessaging will still have to be done separately.

However - if ebXML wants to use a generic xmlmessaging capability as
a foundation, then it seems quite appropriate that a separate group
work on that portion of it, and that they include all appropriate
requirements, not just the e-business ones.

 Chris Smith                                +1.416.348.6090
 Royal Bank                       chris.smith@royalbank.com

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Michie, Alan [mailto:Alan.Michie@corpmail.telstra.com.au]
> Sent: February 17, 2000 03:59 PM
> To: 'David Burdett'
> Cc: ebXML Transport (E-mail); IETF Trade (E-mail)
> Subject: RE: What's the right forum for developing XML Messaging
> David,
> The group of people who developed IOTP have probably
> already decided what to do about the choice between
> using plain DTD's or some form of schema which allows
> element values to be described more precisely.
> Can you tell me what has been decided and why or refer
> me to some information on the web or in the email
> archive --- OR -- is the matter still
> under consideration for the xmlmessage spec?

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