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Subject: Action to read XML Messaging specs


On the conference call today one of the actions was to review the XML
Messaging specifications. So, as promised, I'm sending in the links to the
relevant documents.

Firstly there is the XML Messaging Requirements Document. This has been
published as an Internet Draft and describes the totallity of what could be
encompassed by XML Messaging. You down load this from ...


Secondly, there is a list of data items that should go in the header of a
message that conforms to XML Messaging. I've posted information on this
before so you can download the PDF document by going to ...


Any problems let me know.


Advanced Technology, CommerceOne
1600 Riviera Ave, Suite 200, Walnut Creek, CA 94596, USA
Tel: +1 (925) 941 4422 or +1 (650) 623 2888; 
mailto:david.burdett@commerceone.com; Web: http://www.commerceone.com

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