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Subject: ConCall for this week

Hi all,

OMG is hosting the ConCall this week on Thursday, 2 March, at 11AM EST
in US
(8AM PST,  4PM GMT, 5PM in Europe).

The numer to call is

     passcode 63145

The service is automatic so there should be a prompt of some sort so you

can enter the passcode.  No attendent will answer.  As it's been rather
while since I used this service, I don't recall exactly what the prompt
The first person to call in will get dead air -- on one to talk to -- be

Talk to you Thursday.


PS: Please do not reply to this e-mail account.  The OMG server was
Tuesday and not back up in time for me to send this message from the
If you need to contact me, e-mail henry@omg.org or phone

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