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Subject: Re: MIME enveloping and Packaging work paper for Thursday con-call.

Hi Dick,

My intention in supplying the details of RosettaNet's message format was to give an existing example of MIME being used to package together XML and non-xml entities in real ebiz framework that vendors are already using. I thought that would help drive the discussion. This is not an alternate proposal what you folks had proposed. I thought the use of multipart/related construct and the content-id would be of particular interest for a discussion.

BTW, you are correct that RosettaNet message could potentially be enclosed as a bodypart in your specification. I guess the reverse is also true since  in general any MIME part can be sub part of another MIME part.



Dick Brooks wrote:

Prasad, The RosettaNet example you provided could easily be placed into the "payload" bodypart provided in our specification.  The approach described in the paper allows implementers to place ANYTHING into the "payload bodypart", including the multipart/related contents currently used by RosettaNet.
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Subject: Re: MIME enveloping and Packaging work paper for Thursday con-call.

I think it will be interesting to consider what RosettaNet had already done to address this issue. RNIF1.1 also uses a  MIME multipart construct to pack together XML and non-XML (e.g. binary) parts. However the "multipart/related" construct is used and  "content-id" is used to identify and reference the related parts.

I have attached a document that I wrote a little while back, to explain the use of the MIME construct by RosettaNet.

Thanks, Prasad

Dick Brooks wrote:

The attached file is the work paper Nick and I agreed to produce during the
last con-call. Please review and prepare to discuss during the con-call on


Dick Brooks

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